Free Alignment Checks

The top notch mechanics at ITR Truck & Auto Repair will check your vehicle's wheel alignment for free!   You read that right, we will check your tire alignment for free. There wont be any charge unless your suspension needs adjustment and you approve to have it done.

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Free Alignment Check Wilmington NC

The roads in any city can be rough on a cars suspension and tires.   The roads in Wilmington NC are maintained well but pot holes and raised maintenance holes can be found all over.   Your vehicles tires will find them, you can be sure of that.   It doesnt take much to

Our Hunter alignment machine is state of the art and designed specifically to do 4 wheel alignments quickly.   It will give us an easy to read print out, so that we can show you where adjustments need to be made.    The print out uses red and green colors to visually show you the wheels clearly and precise.  Making it easy for you to decide if you want us to make the necessary adjustments.

A proper alignment is important to the life of your tires.  Replacing them is usually a heavy bill and they directly affect how your car rides.  Maintaining your tires is essential but its also something that people often neglect.  Its simple and inexpensive to maintain them properly by checking the four wheel alignment, balancing the tires and getting a tire rotation with each oil change.

Some signs that your alignment is off include uneven tread, pulling to the left or right, steering wheel off center and vibration coming from the wheels while riding down the road.  If you notice any of these signs, take the time to get your car over to our service center in Wilmington and get your suspension checked out.   It could save you money in the long run and the alignment check is free.

The simplest way to extend the life of your tires is to do quick and inexpensive maintenance with each oil change.   It's strongly recommended and simply makes sense.   Our expert service technicians are happy to help!