Automotive Repair in Wilmington NC!

We are your local Napa Auto Care Center!  Our highly experienced and certified mechanics specialize in engine replacement and transmission repairs but we are happy to take care of your routine maintenance as well!

Schedule your oil change, brake replacement, A/C Service, vehicle alignment, NC state inspection, coolant leak diagnostic, suspension, check engine light diagnostic and more, with us at (910) 623-4042.

Call us for a FREE 4 Wheel Alignment Check!

Oil change service Wilmington NC

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ITR Truck & Auto Repair is a one stop shop for auto repair!

The beautiful city of Wilmington NC is a major tourist attraction thanks to the beaches.  Something about digging your toes in the sand and swimming in the vast ocean brings so many families to our town.   Downtown Wilmington is very historic and and great for walking along the river walk, shopping, dining out, and even has its own concert venue that attracts well known musicians.  With so many reasons to visit New Hanover, it having reliable auto repair shops to call on for quick auto repairs is one of Wilmington's assets to tourists.  No one wants for their car to break down while on vacation, so the quick automotive service that we provide at ITR Truck & Auto Repair is a necessity.  We will fix your car as quickly as we can, with the repairs it needs to get your home.

For our customers local to Wilmington and Leland, we do it all.  From routine vehicle maintenance to replacing and rebuilding engines.   We even offer free 4 wheel alignment checks.  We are happy to take care of your vehicles oil change, replace brake pads and rotors, service the auto air conditioner, check and replace suspension parts, diagnose check engine lights, diagnose strange vehicle noises, diagnose coolant leaks and so much more.  We have a mechanic that specializes in rebuilding and replacing engines, as well as replacing head gaskets, valve cover gaskets and more.  We have a mechanic that specializes in rebuilding transmissions, a diagnostic mechanic and a small engine mechanic that also handles all of the routine maintenance services on your vehicle.   We can do it all and we are here to help.   The automotive mechanics at ITR Truck & Auto Repair strive to give accurate diagnostics and repair your car quickly and right the first time.

ITR Truck Repair works on diesel motors too!  Our diesel mechanic is very knowledgeable and several of the fleets that we maintain are diesel trucks.  We take care of the routine maintenance on a lot of box trucks, tow trucks and a few semi-trucks at the required service intervals.  Which means we stock diesel oil by the barrel, a large variety of diesel oil filters and diesel fuel filters.

Good diesel technicians are hard to find and shops with the right tools, computers and scanners are even harder to find.   We have the equipment needed to perform diesel diagnostics on even the larger diesel engines like Cummings and International.

Call (910) 623-4042 or visit 1488 N Kerr Ave Wilmington NC to schedule automotive repair.

Intercoastal Towing and Recovery offers our customers a discounted tow rate to bring their car to our service shop for repair.   Just give them a call and let them know that you want ITR Truck & Auto Repair to fix your car!  If your car is broke down on the side of the road, Intercoastal Towing's professional drivers make you a priority and get there as fast as they can.

Vehicle diagnostic wilmington NC

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our mechanics follow diagnostic procedures to ensure that we identify the problem and give you an accurate quote... The first time.  As it should be.

  • Air conditioner repair
  • Check engine light
  • Engine misfire
  • Slipping transmissions
  • Coolant leaks
  • Squeaky brakes

NAPA Auto Care

We provide high quality NAPA parts with a nationwide warranty.   Any Napa Auto Care Center can warranty the work and parts!  This also means that we offer high quality NAPA parts.

small engine repair Wilmington NC

Small Engine Repair

We are your local Cub Cadet service center but we will work on any small engine.  Bring your lawn mower by for a full service or diagnostic.

  • Yearly mower service
  • Blade replacement
  • oil change
  • Fuel system service
  • Carburetor adjustment
  • Deck leveling
car repair wilmington nc

Engine Replacement

We specialize in engine replacement and rebuilding motors.   Whether its a complete rebuild, replacing the head gasket or swapping out a new motor.  We are ready!


Vehicle Maintenance

Whether its an oil change, brake pad replacement, charging your air conditioner, or more, our mechanics are ready to get it done! GIve us a call!

  • Oil change
  • Brake replacement
  • Tire change
  • A/C service
  • Tune up
  • So much more
Fleet Maintenance in Wilmington NC

Fleet Maintenance

Our staff can help manage and perform all fleet maintenance for your fleet of commercial vehicles.  We will stock all of the routine maintenance parts, keep up with the mileage and be ready to respond if one of your vehicles needs repairs.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

We currently maintain and repair commercial truck fleets for several local companies.   We do regular service on trucks for a towing company of about 10 tow trucks, a logistics company with 3 semi-trucks and trailers, a plumbing company with 30 heavy duty pickup trucks and vans, a car lot's used cars and a tent event company with 10 box trucks.  We enjoy fleet vehicle maintenance and are always looking for more companies that can use our service.  If our Wilmington NC location isn't close enough to you, our shop out in Leland, NC can also service your fleet vehicles.

We also have a highly experienced mobile mechanic that can come and take care of many emergency repairs on the side of the highway.  His truck is equipped with everything he needs to get your commercial fleet vehicle rolling again. With a fleet maintenance contract in place, we will offer you a discount on this mobile mechanic service, in case you ever need it.   The faster that commercial vehicle is back on the road, the faster it is making money again!

If he can't get it repaired on the spot, we can call our buddies for heavy duty towing to come and tow it to the shop.  Intercoastal Towing has huge heavy duty tow trucks that can tow anything up to 50 tons.  A fleet vehicle maintenance contract will also get you a discounted rate if and when you ever need their services locally.

Our Fleet Vehicle Maintenance has your companies vehicles covered with routine maintenance, discounted repairs, discounted mobile mechanic services and discounted heavy duty towing services.   We are the wisest choice!